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Mike joined the Sodbusters Horseshoe Club in 1976 and has maintained continuous membership since. Mike lives in Bristol, Vermont with his wife Debra. Mike and Deb have 2 children, Jeff and Lisa. Mike is not only very active in horseshoes but is also well known throughout the community and surrounding area supporting many civic organizations. Many people know Mike from his working careers including a customer service representative at Park Filling Station in Bristol, pumping gas. Later Mile worked several years poking holes in Swiss cheese at Kraft in Middlebury. After that Mike worked protecting the lips of people worldwide at Autumn Harp in Bristol. Currently Mike is harassing house-pets in the city of Rutland as a mailman.

Over the years Mike has served on many committees and held several offices within the Sodbusters organization. Publicity Director in 1980, 1982-1986 and 1989 to present. Treasurer 1981-1987. Tournament Director 1980-1981, 1983, 1986 and 1995. Vice-President 1977, 1989, 1090 and 1992 to present. Awards Committee 1988-89, 1995 to present. Mike organized a Merchants Raffle in 1981-1984. 25th Anniversary Committee in 1991. Mike helped install the last 2 courts in 1981, the women's platforms in 1982, court lighting, fencing, water and storage sheds. Mike served on committees for Lease Agreement and Land Purchase. Mike is well known for selling raffle tickets like the Merchants Raffle, Double Ringers Club and the Easter Ham Raffle, often being the top seller.

Mike has also been very active in the Vermont Horseshoe Pitching Association. Mike was the President in 1991-1994, 2nd Vice-President 1995-1998. Publicity Director 1991 to present. VTHPA Hall of Fame Director 1991 to present. Mike was instrumental in organizing a committee which designed the VTHPA patch used today. Mike is the founder of the Wendall Burham Award. Mike was involved with the committee that started sanctioned Doubles tournaments in Vermont. This year Mike has brought a fun game (Polish Horseshoes) to tournaments as a fundraiser for the VTHPA. Mike has been conducting several non-sanctioned tournaments at the Sodbusters as a means of promoting those players into the VTHPA. Mike has named some of these tournaments to honor our own such as Elmer Morre and Roger Forgues.

Mike is on the New England HPA hall of Fame Committee and has worked very hard to get more Vermont players inducted into the NEHPA Hall of Fame. Mike's efforts were obvious at the 1997 meeting when Ken Downer and Roger Forgues were both inductees as Organizers. When Mike isn't busy organizing, selling tickets, and working on a committee, ECT. He does enjoy a good game of horseshoes. Mike played in the Sodbusters Doubles League in 1983-1984 Sodbusters Singles League 1983 to present. In 1976 Sodbusters Fall Round-up Class D 3rd place. 1976 and 1979 sodbusters Fathers Day Class E 1st place. 1979 Sodbusters Fall Round-up Class D 1st place. 1980 Sodbusters Fathers Day Class D 1st Place. 1984 VT State (Bennington) Class F 2nd Place with 5 wins, 2 losses 31% average and a high game of 41.2%. 1985 VT Pre-State Class D 1st place. 1988 New England Class K 1st Place. 1989 VT State Class D 3wins 4 losses 31.3% average and a high game of 38.1%. Mike's best tourney 1990 New England in Keen, NH Class K 1st Place 7 wins, 0 losses 43.0% average and a career high game of 60,7%. 1991 Sodbusters Mothers Day 1st Place. 1995 VT Pre State in Bennington 7 wins, 1 loss 32.3%. 1997 VT State in Bennington Class B 3 wins, 5 losses 34.1% average and a high game of 46.9%.

In 1985 Mike and Deb received the Sodbusters Horseshoe Club Special Recognition Award. In 1994 Deb was inducted into the VTHPA Hall of Fame as a player. Whether on the courts, in a meeting, at work or at home mike is always trying to help and bring happiness to those around him. It is an honor and a privilege to induct Michael Brown into the Vermont Horseshoe Pitchers Association hall of Fame as an Organizer, August 9, 1996. Congratulations Mike.