Mike Georgezzz


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Mike started horseshoe pitching in 1997 in Bennington, VT. Since then he has started the leagues in Bennington for 12 years. He has held the positions of President, Tournament Director and Secretary & Treasurer of the Bennington Horseshoe Club.

Mike went to the World in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 2003, He placed 7th out of 16 players in his class. His plans are to go to the Worlds in Tennessee in July of 2012. Mike's current ringer percentage is 31.95%.

He has made many friends throughout the horseshoe pitching community Leon O'Dell his mentor. Mike affectionately calls Leon "Daddy"; and Wade, his best friend.

Mike has two children, Michael, Jr. and Jessica George. He has Two grandchildren: Ryu and Trivet. Mike resides in Pownal, Vermont with his wife Laura.

Leon was telling us a story about Mike, how in 2008 Leon had severe burnes on his right foot and how Mike babysat him the whole time they were in Milton, Vt. Mike was very worried about Leon. "He took good care of me, then we got rained out in Milton so the following week we went to Middlebury, VT to finish the States, and Mike was the only one from Bennington with me when I won the States that day".