Ray Charbonneau


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Born in 1938 the son of the late Edmund and Harriet Charbonneau. The Charbonneau's were the proprietors of "Charbonneau's Store" in Essex, Vermont for 41 years.

Ray graduated in 1957 from Essex Junction High School where he excelled in soccer, basketball, and baseball. He was also in the school band where he could be heard playing the trumpet.

In 1961 he married Gloria Jean Lucia. By the end of 1969 the two of them had completed their family. Tammy, Pam, and Ray Jr. Ray and Gloria have found great joy in the addition of their three grandchildren. Stephen, Kyle, and Taylor.

During the early 1970's Ray could be found playing horseshoes with family and friends in his backyard. He would play for hours, at times alone until he was able to connect with some area pitchers and really began to test and improve his skills.

The sport of bowling was and continues to be a sport love of his. He is a talented bowler and has recorded three 300 games, one 299 game and two 298 games. He has been known to carry an average of between 200-225.

Ray's interest in horseshoes has always been apparent as he always travels with his "shoes". He has traveled all around Vermont participating in almost any tournament he could find, both sanctioned and unsanctioned. It was during the 1980's that his participation level blossomed. Gloria began to throw shoes with him, and they began traveling all over the United States playing on vacations, in State tournaments, New England's and the World Championships as well. The many trophies adorning the walls in their basement is only one indication of the success of Ray Charbonneau the horseshoe player.

During the late 1980's Ray and Gloria got involved in the "Milton Horseshoe Club" where they seemingly found their niche. With their assistance the league (the second "Sanction" league in Vermont ) has grown and flourished, and to this day continues to produce some of the best pitchers in the state.

Ray has served as the Vermont State President from 1995 to present, the League President and Tournament Director. He has participated in four World Tournaments, was the Class B and Class C New England Champion as well as the Vermont Class A Champion. In 1988, Class C, His record was 6-1, 59.4%. 1993, Class B, 5-2, 63.8%. 1994, Class B, 5-2, 63.5%. The Vermont States in 1992, at " Sodbusters", 6-1; 63.6%; HG 70.5% State Champion. 1990 at "Milton", 6-2; 57.4%; 2nd place. 3rd places - 1989 at "Sodbusters", 3-2; 58.3%, HG 65.6%. 1995 at "Sodbusters", 5-2; 64.6%; HG 76.7%. 1996 at "Milton", 5-2; 62.4%; HG 68.7%. 1998 at " Sodbusters", 5-2; 58.6%; HG 73.3%. His High-Game is 77.5% in 1994 at "Bennington".

It is an honor and a privilege to induct Ray Charbonneau into the Vermont Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame as an Organizer/Pitcher