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Robert Horton started his career in organized horseshoes in Lafayette, NY. He helped and organized a pitching club, and was their first Tournament Director.

He came to Springfield, VT in 1968. Robert was one of the driving force of the old Springfield Club laying out the courts, (clearing out brush, pouring cement for the pits, building the fence, ect.).

Robert was the first Tournament Director and ran their "Club Tournament" in 1969, and also ran other tournaments. He played in the New England's in 1969 and 1977. In 1969, Robert played in Class FF, finished second place with a 6 wins - 1 loss averaging 35.8%. 1977 - played Class H, finished in eight place with a 1 and 6 record, averaging 21.1%.

Robert has always taken the time to explain the game to non-players plus trying to teach and encourage new players to the game, and promote the sport.

Robert Horton passed away in 1987. His love and enthusiasm of the game of horseshoes will not be forgotten.

Syble Horton was Robert's wife. She also came to Springfield in 1968. Syble helped her husband and other members of the newly formed Springfield Club in clearing out the area for the courts.

Syble's accomplishments is being one of the first Class A Women's State Champion, wining this title twice, her last in 1972 with a 10 wins 0 losses and shooting a 34.6%. Syble also participated in the New England's in the years of 1970, 1992 through 1974, and in 1977. In 1972, Class A, she finished in 3rd place with 2 wins and 4 losses, averaging 18.7%. 1974 in Class A finished in 7th with 1 win and 6 losses, averaging 29.7%.

The VT HPA is very proud and fortunate to have Robert and Syble Horton inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as Robert for Organizer, and Syble for Pitcher.