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Roger is a co-founder of the Sodbusters Horseshoe Pitching Club in Middlebury, Vermont. Roger is one of only, two of the original members of 1966, that was held membership continuously for 32 years.

Roger and his wife Beverly (she's also in the Hall of Fame) live in Bristol. They have six boys, Roger Jr., Chuck, Tom, Rich, Joe, and Jim.

Roger has held many officers over the years including President from 1967-1969, 1987-1992, and 1995-1998, Recorder in 1970, Treasurer in 1971, Secretary from 1971-1976, Publicity Director in 1979 and Awards committee for 1985-1986, Tournament Director's Assistant from 1987-1991, and Coordinator of league play, Sodbusters acting State Representative for the VHPA from 1990-94, 96-98.

Roger and his wife Beverly received "The Sodbusters Special Recognition Award" in 1993.

Roger has been a consistent competitor in league play since 1974. He ran the Thursday Night Singles in 1974 and the Sunday Doubles in 1977. Roger helped and organized Vermont's first NHPA Sanction leagues in 1982 at Sodbuster, Tuesday Singles League from 1982-1992, and Thursday Singles and Doubles leagues from 1982-1992.

Roger has participated in many tournaments in New England with several first place finishes including 1977 N. E. Championship in Class I.

Roger has been instrumental in serving on and heading up many committees including the 1st Lease Negotiating Committee in 1970, 2nd Team in 1975, Lease Chairman in 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, and again in 1996.

He was on the committee that drafted the 1st Constitution and By-laws which were adopted in 1974 and helped to revise and modernize the Constitution in 1989. Has chaired the 25th Anniversary Committee of the Sodbusters Club.

Roger has performed many duties deserving of accreditation, assisting in the numerous work details, and constructing a club history and maintaining all club records.

Roger, among his leadership and friendship, is well known throughout New England as a player and organizer. He's always lending a helping hand in either keeping score or whatever else he's asked to do.

In 1992, roger received the "Don Harrison award" for dedication and Sportsmanship from the New England Selection Committee, and in 1997, Roger was inducted into the New England Hall of Fame as an Organizer.

The VT HPA is fortunate to have the knowledge and experience that Roger provides us, and is very proud to have Roger Forgues inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame.