Roland /Fisher


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Roland Fisher started playing horseshoes in the late 1940's at the Town Yard Courts in Brattleboro, Vermont. Roland shot right handed with a 1-3/4 turn. His favorite shoes were the "Ohio O's".

Roland and his wife Ruth A. Fisher live in Veron, Vermont. They have two daughters, Linda and Roseanne. They also have several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Roland played in two New England Tournaments. In 1954, held at the Brattleboro Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro, Vermont. (Which he helped to build the 16 courts in the early 1950's). Roland played in Class B, taking first place with a 10 wins and 1 loss, averaging 54.9%. In the early days, the players had to go to 50 points a game. In 1960, held in Brattleboro, Vermont, playing in Class A. There was a field of 16 men and Roland finished in 6th place with a record of 11 wins and 4 losses, averaging 58.9%. His high game was a 79.5% against Dudek. Fred Butler won the tournament that year with a 14 - 1, 63.3%.

Roland played in the Vermont States from 1951 to 1961. His first Vermont State Tournament was in 1951, where he finished in 8th place with a 5 - 6, 44.6%. This would be the lowest that Roland would ever finish in the States. He took 1st once, 2nd twice, 3rd four times, and 4th once. In 1957, in Class A at Burlington, Vermont held at the Ethan Allen Courts, Roland became the State Champion, beating out Roland Cote in a playoff with the score of 50-47. He finished with a 7 - 1, 57.2%. Winning this title also broke a string of titles between Maynard Brown and Fred Butler from the years of 1950 to 1966. In 1958, at Bennington, VT. At the old Memorial Park, Roland finished in 2nd place behind Fred Butler with a 48.6%. In 1959, at Brattleboro, Vt. Held at the Living Memorial, took 2nd place with a record of 6 - 1, 52.9%. Roland took 3rd in 1953, in Brattleboro (Last year of the old Town Yard Courts) with an 8-4, 48.2%. In 1954, at Burlington, 9-2, 54.8%. In 1956, at Brattleboro (first time at the Living Memorial Park), 4-3, 51.9%, and 1960, at Brattleboro, 5-3, 45.4%.

In the Southern Vermont Tournaments, Roland won 1st place once, 2nd places 6 times, and 3rd once. In 1959, at Bennington, he beat out Roland Cote in a playoff game for 1st place with a 6-1, averaging 56.6 %. He took second in the years 1952, 1954-57, and 1961.

Roland enjoyed playing on leagues. He joined the Group of League Players in 1950, and they played at the Town Yard Courts, Brattleboro. He played on the "Flippers" team and the "Pit Panthers". In the later years, he filled in on other teams.

Roland participated in many Brattleboro Town Tournaments. In 1953, he was in a playoff with Paul Cote, finishing with a record of 10 - 2, averaging 48.8%. He took seconded in the years 1952, 1954-58, and 1960. His best highest average was in 1954 with a 59.4%

The Vermont Horseshoe Pitching Association is honored to induct Roland Fisher into the Vermont Hall Of Fame as a Pitcher.