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Rollie White is one of the 3 founders of the "SODBUSTERS HORSESHOE PITCHING CLUB". He and his wife Pat reside in Bridport. They have two sons, one in Connecticut and one in Florida.

He was the math teacher at Middlebury H.S. for 23 years, and coached both Girls Basketball for 8 years and the Boys Basketball for 5 years. In 1983, the boys were Vermont State Champions with a 24-0 record. He is a financial Adviser from 1984 to present, and also a Register Investment Adviser since 1995. He now is the President and owner of Community Investment Counselors since 1995

He was a Sodbusters' member from the start to 1976, after which he organize and still remains active in the Bridport Club. Rollie ran the Doubles League in Bridport for 15 years, and have played in it since 1975.

Rollie was Sodbusters Club President in 1971 and 1972. There was a reason that the Sodbusters didn't have an elected Tournament Director until 1977. He took care of the math involved in running tournaments and league. He also designed forms and paperwork for these events. Since he was a math teacher, he was the logical candidate for this job. He was the Tournament Director for our first Northern State Tournament held in 1973. The year that he left it took 3 people to do the job he vacated.

Rollie was the Vermont State President for two years in 1974-1975.

His first horseshoe trophy was at Brattleboro, Vermont in 1965 - the year before they started the Sodbusters Club. He attended the Vermont State Tournaments in Brattleboro in 1967 and 1968. He took seconded place in "B" class with a 35% ringers in the Vermont States in Brattleboro on August 30, 1970.