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Ted Sausville started pitching horseshoes at the age of 12, in Fred Butler's backyard, another Hall of Famer.

Ted pitched in his first tournament at the age of 13 before Junior Classes came into being, this was in 1937.

It was after he came out of the service in 1946, that he kept records, although he had pitched in many tournaments before hand. His average through the years was in the 50% range.

Some of his Class A Tournaments as follows. In 1947-1948, finished in 3rd place at the "Southern Vermont Tournament" 1949 - 2nd place in the "Southern Vermont". In the same year (1949) Ted became Vermont state Champion. From 1950-1954, he finished in 2nd place at the Vermont States. In 1962, Ted finished in 3rd place in the Vermont States.

The VT HPA is very proud and fottunate to have Ted Sausville inducted into the Vermont Hall of Fame as a Pitcher.