Wendell Burton


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Wendell Burton was a member of the Springfield Horseshoe Club at Springfield, Vermont. He was one of the original charter members that helped cleared the land for the courts. This involved setting the 18 courts and pads, the fence, storage shed, and putting up the lights around the courts. He remained active through out the years at the Club

Wendell participated in many tournaments at Springfield and other clubs in New England. He played in 6 Vermont States that we have on record dating back to 1970. He finished 2nd once and 3rd twice. At Springfield in 1974, Wendell took 2nd place in Class A with a 6 wins 1 loss, averaging 53.8% - High Game of 63.2%. In 1971, Class A, finishing in 3rd, with a 5-2-50.0% - High Game of 60.4% and 1972, Class A, in 3rd - with a 5-2-51.9%, High Game of 64.6%.

There is a story about Wendell that after the Vermont States was done, He would have a Clam and Lobster Bake at his house and they would play horseshoes on his courts that he built. He would always beat the State Champion on his court, but couldn't beat him in actual play. He did this for several years.

He played in several Vermont Opens. His best Vt. Open was in 1972, in Class B, with a 6-1-57.1%, High Game 67.3%. His highest pitch game was in a Vermont Open in 1973 with a 70.0% game.

Wendell traveled to several New England Tournaments, Keene NH, Lewiston, Me., and to Holyoke, MA... He took a 1st place at Keene NH in 1964 in Class CC with a 7-0-44.4%, and 3rd at Keene in 1963, Class EE with a 5-2-34.4%. His first NE Tournament was in 1961 with a 1-4 record.

Wendell passed away in 1997 at 72 years old.